Recipe for Aquafaba Meringues by Chef Prashant Chipkar


For meringue.
-250 ml reduced aquafaba.
-10 g sugar.
-5 g za’atar powder.
For the dates chutney.
-15 ml ghee.
-100 g Seedless Dates.
-5g fennel seeds.
-5g green chili.
-5g ginger.
-10 ml reduced balsamic.
For the Pindi Chana Hummus.
-250g boiled chickpeas.
-2 g ajwain seeds.
-2 g cumin seeds.
-30 g Garlic.
-20 g Ginger.
-15 g Green Chili.
-2 g black salt.
-4 g Dry mango powder.
-3 g Garam masala.
-4 g dry pomegranate powder.
-2 g asafetida.
-4 g Dry fenugreek leaves pwd.
-50 ml Tahina paste.
-30 ml Extra virgin olive oil.
-2 g Sea salt

Equipment/Utensils Required :
-Blender / Grinder.
-Piping bag.


For meringue.
– Start by reducing the aquafaba on a medium pan till it is reduced in half by volume, Chill it in a refrigerator for 1 hour.
– Now whisk the aquafaba and sugar on a low speed in a kitchen aid till it froth up, turn the speed to medium as soon as the mixtures froths and whip it for 20 mins approx. or till it starts to form firm peaks just like a regular meringue.
– Transfer it to a piping bag and pipe onto a silpat , followed by a generous dust of Za’atar powder.
– Place the meringue in a dehydrator and leave it to dry overnight at 60ºC.
– TIP: Do not worry about over whipping the aquafaba as it makes no difference to the end product unlike in a regular meringue.

For the dates chutney.
– Soak the dates in luke warm water for 10 mins, then strain and blend to a smooth puree.
– Heat up a pan add the ghee, followed by the fennel seeds, ginger and chili and sauté for a minute, now add in the dates puree cook it for 5 more minutes and then finish it with the balsamic.

For the Pindi Chana Hummus.
– Heat up oil in a medium pan, start by crackling the cumin and ajwain seeds, then add the ginger garlic and chili and saute on low for 2 mins
– Now add the Boiled Chickpeas followed by all the dry spices, cooke well for 10 mins add a little water only if juice.
– Cool the tempered chickpeas and then blend it with the tahina and olive oil and finish with some lime juice.