Recipe for Banana Paniyaram by Chef Prashant Chipkar

A sweet dumpling flavored with ripened banana cardamom & jaggery. We make it with whole wheat flour and rice flour and finish it with a touch black truffles.

Banana Paniyaram RecipeINGREDIENTS REQUIRED :

– Ripened Banana 100 gm.
– Rice Flour 50 gm.
– Wheat Flour 100 gm.
– Jaggery syrup 120 ml.
– Water 50 ml.
– Cardamom Powder 5 gm.
– Baking Powder 5 gm.


– Paniyaram or Takoyaki pan.
– Wooden or Metal Skewer.


– Mash the banana along with the jaggery and cardamom powder.
– Add all the remaining ingredients and mix well, add more water if required
to get a dropping consistency.
– Heat the paniyaram skillet and add oil and pour in the the batter, make sur to adjust the
heat as you go to ensure even cooking and color. Cook for 2 minutes on each side.