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Since closing the doors of its La Mer location on 18th September 2022, Masti fans have been waiting with bated breath on the announcement of the multi-award-winning restaurant’s new location.

Befitting of Masti’s legendary reputation, the iconic Dubai Edition Hotel, optimally positioned on Fountain Street, Downtown will prove a stellar destination in which Masti can shine from 20TH February 2023.

With Chef Prashant Chipkar at the culinary helm, the menu will continue to pay homage to the imaginative reinterpretation of authentic Indian cuisine designed to take palettes on a tour de force of “New India.” Signature dishes remain on the menu including Tandoori Chicken Bao, Tuna Bhel Tartare and Malabar Fish, while new creations like Watermelon Bhakri, Ghee Roast Bone Marrow, and Beef Vindaloo will beautifully bolster the culinary offering.

Masti’s New Location Announced At The Dubai Edition - Chef Prashant-Chipkar