Recipe for Potato Croissant by Chef Prashant Chipkar

This Recipe is inspired by Chef Aithor Zabala and is an ode to a great restaurant called “Somni”. As an Indian restaurant we love to fry our croissant in desi ghee for that extra burst of flavor.


-Agria potato 250 g.
-Ghee for frying 1 ltr.
-Sea salt (to season).
-Water 1 ltr.
-White Vinegar 100ml


-Flat Turning slicer.
-Induction Cooktop / Fryer.
-Ruler / Scale.


-Using a turning slicer, slice the potato into a thin ribbon.
-Cut the Ribbon into 30 cm long equal portion.
-Make a solution of water vinegar and sea salt and soak the potato ribbon in it for a minimum of 15 minutes
-Now further cut it diagonally into equal parts.
-Pat dry and then shape the cut ribbons into perfect croissants.
-Heat up some ghee to 140 Degree Celsius and fry the croissants till golden brown.
-To make it extra crisp fry again at 180 Degrees Celsius.