Raspberry fennel sorbet recipe by Chef Prashant ChipkarRecipe for Raspberry Fennel Sorbet by Chef Prashant Chipkar


Raspberry purees – 2 litres
Water – 400 grams
Sugar – 400 grams
Stabiliser – 16 grams
Glucose atomise – 100 grams
Fennel seeds (Crushed) – 60 gram


1. Take water in a pan, add crushed fennel seeds into it and give a boil, take down the temperature at 65°C.
2. Take mixing bowl, add sugar, stabiliser and glucose atomise and mix them, add this mixture to fennel water and mix well.
3. Pour this mix into Raspberry puree and whisk it well and pass it through the strainer.
4. Set the Ice cream machine at -8°C. and pour the mixture into the machine and churn it till the temperature reached to -8°C.
5. Take out the Ice cream in boxes and keep it into the freezer of -10 to -12°C.