What does the future of restaurants look like? Here’s what global culinary leaders see when they gaze into the crystal ball.

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Over the past 300-some days, chefs and restaurant owners around the globe have had to adapt to a strange new reality. They’ve shut down and reopened, set up outdoor dining and turned to takeout, and—perhaps most notably—continued to feed the masses in the toughest of times. So, what’s next? We went straight to the source and asked the world’s best chefs to give us their big dining predictions for 2021.

Experimentation is key
“I think the worst is behind us. 2020 has challenged us in many ways to change the way we think. 2021 appears to be a year where everyone will celebrate and value freedom more than ever. I feel people are open to experimenting more and trying different experiences. Unique concepts will gain popularity … and the travel industry will bounce back faster than ever.” —Prashant Chipkar, executive chef and culinary director at Masti and chef at Time Out Market in Dubai