Best Whipped Cream recipe by Chef Prashant Chipkar


500 grams, whipping cream
0.5 grams xanthan gum
25 grams sugar
2 grams cardamom powder (use your choice of flavor’s ex. Vanilla, coffee, cinnamon etc.)

Weigh the cream, and measure out 0.1–0.15 percent by weight in xanthan gum.
Whisk to combine.
For an even softer result, bring the cream to room temperature—cold cream tends to split—and blend in the xanthan using an immersion blender.
Combine cream with sugar and/or other desired flavorings. Pour into siphon.
Let stand to allow xanthan to hydrate fully, about 10 minutes.
Hold the siphon upright with one hand ready to grip the lever. Twist an N2O cartridge into the loader.
Press lever for about three seconds to release half of the gas.
If not serving the whipped cream right away, refrigerate it.
If you prefer a softer texture, let the cream warm slightly at room temperature before serving. This works because the cream doesn’t whip as well when it starts to warm up a bit.
Dispense a bit of cream to see if you like the texture.
To thicken, give the siphon one or two shakes. Dispense again.
If the cream is too thick, let it warm just a touch, then dispense again.