Ingredients :-

Rasmalai mousse

Rasmalai                – 2 pieces

Whipping Cream – 1 cup

White Chocolate – 1 tbsp

Coconut cookies

Butter           –         1 tbsp

Sugar            –         1 tbsp

Refined flour –      2 tbsp

Egg white     –        1 no.

Dry coconut powder – 1 tbsp

Rabadi (Milk Reduction)

Milk          –             1 cup

Cooking cream –   half cup

Sugar          –           1 tsp


Pistachio soil   – 1 tbsp

Freeze dried Raspberry – 1 tbsp

Gold leaf      –      half leaves

Affila cress   –      2 pieces

Coconut Rabadi   – in pipping bag

Saffron        –           0.01 gram

Method :-

3 Rasmalai mousse

Whisk the whipping cream keep it aside, melt white chocolate and let it cool for few minutes, then fold the melted white chocolate in whipped cream. In a mould fill it half the whipping cream and white chocolate mixer place 2 piece of Rasmalai in it and fill it with whipping cream and chocolate mix and place a coconut cookie on it. Keep it in the freezer to set.

1 Coconut cookie

Whisk butter and sugar together and slowly add egg white to it, whisk till it is fluffy, then fold dry coconut powder and refined flour to it. Cut it in round and bake it for 10 min at 130 degree Celsius.

2 Rabadi

In a flat thick bottom pan add milk, cream bring it to boil and keep stirring it till it reduce to half, add sugar.

4 Assembling  

In a plate place Rasmalai mousse top it with coconut Rabadi filled in piping bag and fancy nosal. garnish it with gold leaves, sprinkle pistachio soil and raspberry crisp, Affila cress serve with saffron milk [mixture of milk, Rabadi, saffron].

Saffron milk

Boiled Milk- half cup

Saffron – 3-4 thread

Rabadi -1 tsp

Mix together and make it chilled.

Coconut Rasmalai Recipe
Coconut Rasmalai Recipe

Coconut Rasmalai Recipe by Chef Prashant Chipkar

Type: desert

Cuisine: Indian

Keywords: coconut, rasmali, desert, sweet, indian sweetdish

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