Recipe for Gluten free Molten chocolate soufflé by Chef Prashant Chipkar


34 grams butter + extra butter for coating Ramekins

98 grams sugar (divided) + extra for coating

135 grams dark chocolate

188 grams milk

34 grams corn flour

68 grams eggs yolk

112 grams eggs white

7 grams salt (optional )


Pre set the oven for 191 degree Celsius .

Mix flour and butter together.

Mix milk and half sugar and make it warm .add above flour mixture to it, and cooked well.

Add chocolate and mix until its mix properly.
Add eggs yolk and mix it well.

In another pot beat eggs white adding half of the sugar slowly to it.

Beat till its become fluffy

Mix it slowly with above mixture.

Grease the ramekins with butter and coat with sugar, and flour

Fill the ramekins with above cake mixture and keep aside

Bake for 15 minutes for 191 degree celsius.