Feuilletine                          –               1 CUP

Butter                                 –               1 TBSP

Dark Chocolate                 –              2 TBSP

Hazelnut Praline Paste     –              1 TBSP

White chocolate

White chocolate               –              1 CUP

Whipping cream               –              ½ CUP

Gelatine Sheet                  –              1 NO.

Cooking Cream                 –              ½ CUP

Philadelphia cheese         –             2 TBSP

Mango layer

Mango Puree                     –             1 CUP

Philadelphia cheese         –             1 TBSP

Whipping cream               –             ½  CUP

Mascarpone                      –              1 TBSP

Sugar                                  –             1 TBSP

Gelatine Sheet                  –            1 NO.


To prepare the base: – In a double boiler melt dark chocolate and add butter. Remove from heat add hazelnut praline paste and feuilletine [French biscuit] mix it and spread it on a tray, place a stainless-steel rectangular frame on the base.

To prepare white chocolate layer: – Take cooking cream in a sauce pan place it on low heat add white chocolate once the chocolate is melt remove it from heat add gelatine sheet to it and let it cool. Then add Philadelphia cheese and mix well then add whipping cream and fold it. Pour it on the base and refrigerator it to set.

To prepare Mango layer: – Take mango puree and sugar in a sauce pan on a low heat let it get a first boil, remove from heat and add gelatine, Philadelphia cheese, Mascarpone cheese and mix well then add whipping cream and fold it. Pour it over the chocolate layer and let it set in refrigerator.


Mango Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe